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"Before using SpamBox our organisation was drowning in spam.

SpamBox is one of those systems that every IT manager loves, a system that just works.

We now receive almost no spam in user mail boxes now, saving us time, and protecting our staff from the spam and viruses that used to fill their inboxes.

Image based spam, (once an almost impossible challenge) are all but gone now with SpamBox image recognition filtering.

I could not recommend a better system for high volume mail filtering."

Matthew Sweet
Tech Pastor
Generation Church


SpamBox Features:


Stop Spam
SpamBox automatically learns and updates itself to improve it’s ability to stop spam by continually re-adjusting to combat new spam techniques.



Never Lose an Email
SpamBox is a quarantine based filtering technology. SpamBox will never delete your mail without your consent. The system will learn and adapt to your personal preferences.



Virus Protection
Virus protection is provided by multiple virus protection engines that are updated hourly, meaning you have the most up to date protection at all times.



With one in three users now victim’s of fraud, spyware and viruses, a quality email security solution will soon be something that no email user can afford to live without.



SpamBox uses advanced trend analysis technologies combined with a simple, user interface that provides you with complete control over the filtering applied to your email.


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